May 21-26, 2023


*Prices and information are subject to variation


There are many hotels, apartments or other types of accommodation in Toledo, but keep in mind that May is already peak-season in the city, so availability maybe limited. We encourage you to book your hotel as soon as possible, either directly with OTAs, online services or the Conference registration platform (*Note). We prebooked several hotels, the list of which appears below, to facilitate your accommodation process. Feel free to use our service or other booking platforms.       

(*Note): Prices indicated on the Conference registration form are only guaranteed if booking is processed through the same Conference registration form and are subjected to availability. Depends on the booked days the availability of below mentioned hotels varies. Prices of the room shown there may vary if another booking channel is used.

Eurostars Hotel 4*

Address: Paseo San Eugenio, s/n. Toledo 


Hotel Boutique Adolfo 

Address: Pl. Zocodover, 14, 45001 Toledo


Sercotel Alfonso VI 4*

Address: Cta. de los Capuchinos, 2, 45001 Toledo


AC Hotel by Marriott Cuidad de Toledo 4* 

Address: Ctra. De Circunvalación, 15, 45005 Toledo 


Hotel Pintor El Greco 4*

Address: Alamillos del Tránsito, 13, 45002, Toledo


Hotel Zentral Mayoral 3*

Address: Av. de Castilla la Mancha, 3, 45003 Toledo


Hotel Casona de la Reina 3*

Address: C. Carreras San Sebastián, 26, 45002 Toledo


Hotel Abad Toledo 3*

Address: C. Real del Arrabal, 1, 45003 Toledo


  • El Greco Conference Center can be reached by walking distance from the city centre of Toledo. You can find the location here 



  • How to reach Atocha train station from the Airport Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas (MAD)

    • There are 4 transportation options from Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD) to Atocha train station:

    • Bus: 5€* and takes longer than the other options

    • Taxi: Madrid airport taxi at a cost of 30€*.

    • Metro: Tickets are 5€* one-way and the journey takes 40 minutes

    • Train: Tickets are 3.40€* and the journey is approximately 33 minutes

  • How to reach Toledo from Madrid

    • There are several suitable ways to get from Madrid to Toledo:

  • High Speed Train AVE (Avant): best option using public transport (22€ round trip*) from Atocha train station 

    • Warning! Especially on weekends and holidays, trains from Madrid are usually full. Tickets have to be bought in advance. Also, in the early hours of the day there can be problems when you make the route Toledo – Madrid, because it’s the schedule in which many Toledanos (Toledo’s citizens) take advantage to go to work in Madrid and use the train. Timetable will be available 1 month before the schedule trip at the railway webpage www.renfe.es.

  • When you arrive to Toledo, you will find a very coquettish station, which is 100 years old (in 2019), small and simple. You go out to the street and you will find taxis that ”climb” you to the Zocodover square, a bus stop very near or you can walk, it takes less than 30 minutes maximum going up the new escalators of the Miradero.

  • Timetable of the train from Madrid to Toledo:

    • Madrid (Atocha station) to Toledo:

      • Monday to Friday from 6:50 to 21:50 every hour.

      • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 8:50 until 21:50 in alternate hours.

    • Toledo to Madrid:

      • Monday to Friday from 6:25 to 21:30 every hour approx.

      • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 9:25 to 21:30 every hour approx.

    • Book here with RENFE (Timetable will be available 1 month before)

  • Bus: cheaper option (10€ round trip*) from Plaza Elíptica (metro Plaza Elíptica, line 6)  

    • It takes 1h straight bus or 1:30h with stops.

    • Schedules from Madrid to Toledo are from 6 am to 11 pm every hour

    • Schedules from Toledo to Madrid are from 6 am to 10 pm every hour

    • Book here with ALSA

  • Taxi from the Airport Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas (MAD) to Toledo from 133 € to about 190 € up to 4 people. Book here with MiTaxi 



    • The Ministry of Health of Spain has implemented an online portal called Spain Travel Health (SPTH) to be informed about the requirement to enter to Spain.